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Being the Bitch

What is a Femdom orgasm?

Why I enjoy bondage, pain and humiliation

Confessions of a femdom in a life of chaos

Femdom Frustrations

Unrealistic Expectations as a Result of Pro Femdom Sessions

How to win the heart of a femdom...

The best quality for submissives?

Submissives and Jealousy


Why I hate it when men call me "Mistress"

Thoughts on Negotiation

Why I like to sink my teeth into novices

Why I enjoy delivering pain

A Peek into My Mind Lately... (1999)

Thoughts on Being a Pure Femdom

Akasha's Movie Review: "Purgatory Weekend"


Sacrificing freedom, comfort and pride...

How important is sexual arousal to you?

Open letter to the shy, novice submissive

Letting Desire Simmer

Open letter to my slave's wife

Subs have it easy....

Top ten things I like to hear from a submissive

My ideal submissive...and why I do the things I do


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